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Weekly Wedding Inspiration

Hey lovelies! Here at Cloud Nine, a large part of our job is helping brides to style and coordinate their wedding day looks. With this in mind, we are starting a new weekly series on different ways to style our gowns to fit your wedding aesthetic.

From complementing your color pallet to tying in hints of your wedding style, we will be covering all the bases in our Weekly Wedding Inspiration posts.

In our first wedding color inspiration pallet, we have some cool tone grays and blues paired with a pop of color. This mauve-pink tone is a perfect way to break up the grey tones, while still staying on the muted color scale.

Style One

This style board features our Calypso gown paired with a rustic/bohemian aesthetic.

A trend we've been seeing (and LOVING) is brides starting with a base neutral pallet and added pops of color for interest.


Style Two

Our new 'Summer' gown is perfect for the more traditional/rustic style.

With so many weddings changing to be more on the simple side, this board helps tie in the simplicity while still maintaining a traditional feel.

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