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  • What do I need to bring with me for my appointment?

The day of make sure to wear good under garments. Panties are a must. A strapless bra (or any kind of sticky bras) and spanxs are optional but recommended if you think you will wear them the day of the wedding. Keep in mind that the majority of gowns have a decent amount of structure, so in most cases bras are not needed for trying on. 

It can also be useful to bring shoes that are the approximate heel height you would want to wear at your wedding. This helps us when measuring the proper length to order, and will help to get a better idea of what the gown will look like on you.

On another note, make sure to bring the people most important to your decision, or in other words your "Yes Crew". We love seeing the people who know you best support you in this big decision. 

  • Are kids allowed?

Children are allowed but only under the watchful supervision of a responsible adult. Please keep in mind that our shop is not child proof, so parent(s) are responsible for any damages.

  • How long to appointments last?

On average appointments last 90 minutes. This is just an average time so no worries if you go over or under. We do our absolute best to accommodate as much extra time as you need to make your decision.

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