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Emma + Nick

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Emma and Nick were married on May 25th, 2019 at her parent's property. Emma chose Cloud Nine's gown Cairo to go with her stunning outdoor wedding.

Emma's Advice to Future Brides: "I wouldn't focus on trendy things, unless it has something to do with you as a couple and your relationship. Focus on your relationship, your family and your friends. Nick's mom passed away 3 months before we met, so I never got to meet her. Nick talked a lot about his mom so I knew they were close and she was important to him. I bought 2 small photo frames on Etsy and I printed off a really funny/sweet photo of his mom and I attached one of the photos to my bouquet, and I pinned his on him at our first look. Nick was crying, of course... I wanted to pick a light -hearted and funny photo of his mom because I knew he would tear up every time he showed someone the photo."

Emma's Yes Moment: "I kept trying on all these dresses that weren't right for my body. I thought I wanted a huge statement dress. One with a lot of material, or a big puffy one. I'm only 5'5" and a smaller frame, so I just didn't have the frame to carry a large dress. When I put on "the one" I liked it right away and when I walked out into the main shop area to show my mom, sister in law, niece and maid of honor, my mom was crying and she was like "do you like that one?" And I said "Yes, I like it." And she was like "Ok good because that's my favorite and I was hoping you liked it too!" They were all being so good and not interjecting their opinions until they heard mine. That was nice of them to let me share my opinion first."

Photographer: Amber Glanville

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